Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Chinese Spray-on Condoms for some, Miniature American Flags for Others

Those crazy Chinese are at it again. The liquid-foam spray on condom ejaculated all over the Chinese consumer market yesterday, ushering in a new era of slutty behavior worldwide. The scented love foam is applied to the female rather than the male, but in the case of all the raging homosexuals out there (cough cough) I guess that little 'applicator' you see there would slip easily into Julian, Lance, Bruce's man-gina as well. Along with many vivid mental images of its use and application, the condom comes with a double-penetrating feature list. In addition to forming a physical membrane barrier (preventing STDs), it also contains antibacterial agents designed to keep the vag-o-canal clean and free of 'staphylococcus aureus, Candida, and coliform bacillus'. It's intended for daily use even if you're not getting railed! So buy it up you greedy American whores.

[sELECTROclash.com newswhore]

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