Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Your Commute Your Problem, Gawker Dec. 14, 2005

As the deadline for the MTA Strike nears and New Yorkers are faced the with the possibility of riding the icky bus or God knows what else (walk???), rest assured that your employers are taking extra steps to ensure that you won’t be able to justify a single excuse for taking the day off. From the Viacom offices:

To: All New York Employees
From: Diana Lee
Date: December 14, 2005
Re: Possible MTA Strike

As you have probably heard, union transit workers with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) may go on strike beginning at 12:01 am on Friday, December 16.

We wanted to let you know that if it does occur, our offices will be open. We understand ferry and private bus services should not be affected, nor will PATH trains, NJ Transit, Metro-North or the LIRR. For those who rely on the MTA, please look into other methods of transportation, such as private bus lines or carpooling. A carpool sign up sheet is posted by the ATM machine at 1515 Broadway. A few of you may be interested in riding your bicycles to the office. We have space to park your bikes on the ground level at 1515 Broadway.

Thank you for your cooperation.


We seriously doubt the MTA will strike - but if they do, there’ll be extra space for your bikes! Because you want to get to your cubicle so badly, you’re going to hop on your banana seat in 25-degree weather and pedal on in to the office. Working at Viacom is worth it!

LAURA: So funny…maybe I will glue my ezpass to my helmet too

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