Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I mean, seriousy, how the hell did this happen?

Now that Lance is "officially" out, the big question on everyone's mind (according to gossipparty.com) is how long he will last with Reichen. As winner of The Amazing Race and owner of 8 visible abs (sometimes 10), Reichen sure as hell was in it for the whole I'm-secretly-dating-that-guy-from-N*Sync thing. Now that it's not a secret, Lance is going to want to play the field. I mean, Jake Gyllenhal, Ryan Seacrest and Jared Leto all need to be conquered, right? Page Six is reporting that Lance won't put up with Reichen's "controlling ways", but we all know that if you're on your knees saying "tell me what to do" that doesn't really count Lance! If Lance knows what's smart, he'll shut up and let Reichen control him all he wants.

Other question: did anyone see him on Amazing Race? I don't even remember him and I've watched every season.

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